Monday, 9 December 2013

End of year magazine

This is my end of year magazine collage and these present my amazing events I have been doing throughout the term. And I really like my music and that is how I kind of put.Hope you like it and please comment :-)


  1. Great work Ellis!
    I like how you fitted in heaps of stuff into the collage,
    why do you like music so much?
    Keep up the good posts! :)

  2. Wow Ellis.
    Your collage looks very colorful.
    I can tell that you love music.
    Keep it up Ellis!

  3. Wow awesome job Ellis. Great magazing and photos Ellis. I think it looks amazing and the music photos I like because you like music.
    Well done Ellis.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow Ellis both of your collage are looking great. I like the second one its cool. Keep up the good work Ellis :)

  5. Wow Ellis!
    What a great end of the year magazine!
    It is really creative.
    The top magazine has really cool photos of your art and you at camp:)
    The bottom one is a real cool one with all the colors and music notes.
    It really make your blog outstanding.
    Well done:)


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