Thursday, 21 November 2013

Mathletics Reflection

Reflection for
· Something I was pleased with was doing my best during mathletics for the competition.
…because I would be really proud of myself and would like to hear great support.

what I enjoyed was creating more mathletics and using them for ideas.
…because drawing very creative ones I can add them with the one that I am doing for the competition.

· Something I found hard was doing the mathletics design pass design 12. Because design 15 was a challenge, and sometimes design 4 which is under 12.

· Something that made me think was that if I do a long and hard design, then I wouldn't be able to finish it in time.
…because I would want to do design 15 and start putting all the designs in between the squares.

· Something I want to get better at is doing the designs with a radius, compass, and a protractor.
(What can I do about it?)
Something I can do about it is that I can try and do my very Personal Best so that I can get better and better by getting use to it.

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  1. Wow Ellis what a amazing Mathletics poster. I love your reflection its very cool. Whats your favorite bit in your poster? Keep up the good work Ellis :)


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