Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Does air have weight?

Does Air Have Weight?

Yes, I do think air has weight. Because during and after you run, you start puffing and the air would come in with your body. You will get stitches and get heavy.

Plain paper
Good karate chopper
And something to put the ruler on. (make sure half of the ruler is on the table and half off the edge)

Step 1: Put the ruler half on the table and half off the edge of it. As you karate chop the ruler you will see the ruler come off and just land on the floor.

Step 2: Pick the ruler back up and put it back on the halfway position. Put some stuffed up paper on top and karate chop that and as it falls, the ruler goes down before the paper.

Step 3: Get another paper put leave it flat on top of the ruler. Now, karate chop that, but does the ruler only go down, yes. How about the paper, no. Why. Look at the explanation below.

Explanation: You see, the only reason that the paper didn't go, is because the air is pushing itself on top of the piece of flat paper.


Who else sees Lily's hands and hair tie?

Don't close your eyes Ollie!! The ruler is coming.

Is that Turbo?

Who want a turn?

Lets go to the diving bored!!!


  1. Wow Ellis.
    Your post is great.
    I like the captions and photos.
    Keep up the great work!
    Well done:-)

  2. Great work Ellis!
    I like your captions,
    keep up the awesome work! :)


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