Saturday, 31 August 2013

It Is Not Just A House

It Is Not Just A House is a book made by Materoa Tangarere. This book is about your ancestors and the Wharenui. The Wharenui is a Marae. Hope you enjoy :-)

Maths Scores

Day:    Scores:    %:      
1         25          100    
2         20          80
3         20          80
4         22          88
5         23          92
6         20          80
7         15          60
8         20          80

% total=660  Score total=165
660 divided by 8= 82.5% ( round to the nearest whole is 83%)
165 divided by 8= 21.6 (round to the nearest whole is 22)

This is my maths chart of all the maths score that Iv'e been doing during the days. I have only been up to 8 days, and most of us went up to 10 days. But I did well on my score :-)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Letter To Ken Catran

Dear Ken Catran my name is Ellis, and I would like to say,that your book Dead Harry is the best. My feelings for your book would be very exciting because I really thought it will be scary because of the title but I thought it was really funny. I thought it was all funny and really really cool because the sentences and the words were quite cool and my classroom thought your book was interesting.

My favorite characters would be the two boys Harry, and Sam because once, we did a dead Harry trailer and I got the part to be Sam and I think the trailer went well. The rest of the class also did the trailers and their trailer went really great. And I also think our trailers went awesome. It's on our class blog the Tree Of Pride and you might see them before any other posts will be on there. And the trailers are full of drama and great actions. Some of us used the same places but it was still great.

My favorite part in the book is when this man said “ Have a good barbeque”, and that is when the whole class started laughing and I pretty much noticed that he wanted to kill Sam. My teacher Mr Moriarty said “ He was going to kill Sam, Oh my goodness, you guys have a bad sense of humour”, but we all said that it sounded weird and funny. Sam must of found something weird and mysterious about the Russian cooking guy.

So thank you for sharing your awesome and mysterious book of Dead Harry. It was very very interesting. It was full of comedy like Eddie Murphy and I think he is so hilarious. Keep up your awesome writing and books. And make them really funny.

Your sincerely, Ellis F.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My Favorite Things In Life

This is my presentation for my favorite things in life and I they are all literally my favorite things in life. Hope you enjoy :-)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Money Making Mice

 How To Play Money Making Mice

You will need an cash record sheet ( see copy master). 2-4 players in the game. 1 counter each. 1 dice. Place the counter on the start on your own book. Each player starts at $50. Record your score carefully on your copy of the cash book record sheet. Ask other players for help if you need too. Take turns to throw the dice and move your counter forward that number of spaces. If you land on a space with a sum of money on it, add the amount to or subtract it from your total. If you land on mouse wheel do nothing. If you land on a piece of cheese, choose one of the options from the cheese center. Players are out of the game if their bank balance goes below zero. Continue going around the mouse board until one player has a balance of exactly $200. That person is the winner.

Reflection for Money Making Mice
· Something I was pleased with was my team was being honest and we all were taking turns.
…because It helped us get more money in this game.
· I really enjoyed learning was to learn the game.
…because it was really fun and I was the winner on the 2nd round.
· Something I found hard was trying not to get my self in the subtraction and the mouse trap including the wheels.
· Something that made me think was Should I role a five or a six.
                  …because If I rolled a five then I will get $50 more. And if I roll a six then I will go on cheese and choose a prize. Well it depends what the dice says.
· Something I want to get better at is winning all rounds when I compete.
          (What can I do about it?)
I can practice by playing with someone else.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tui In The Tree

Me and my reading group the Justice Leuge have been doing a play based on N.Z birds. Hope you enjoy:)

Reflection for Tui In The Tree
· Something I was pleased with was getting to have a part in the play. And I think my part was awesome and I went quite well.
…because I like to act and its really fun
· I really enjoyed learning how to memories the acting and the words.
…because I can memories really well and I didn't need a book to do for the film.
· Something I found hard was trying to remember who I was after.
· Something that made me think was could I use my book just encase I forget for this once, or should I look into the camera and not use the book.
                  …because if I use the book, then I'm not doing what I usually do on stage.
· Something I want to get better at is trying to make my voice go louder.

          (What can I do about it?)
I should practice more often and just continue.

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