Monday, 29 July 2013

My Holidays Presentation


During my term 2 school holidays I have been doing these amazing and fun experiances. And they were so fun. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Awesome Ellis!
    I like how you have made each page a different day and given it an exciting name.
    I think that playing touch with your cousins would have been fun.
    What an awesome presentation.
    Well done:-)

  2. Great presentation, Ellis, (Day 4) I remember when me and my brother always wanted to climb our tree and jump onto our tramp. but me and my brother couldn't climb our tree, it was too big! But great work, Ellis, :-D!

  3. Awesome Ellis,
    I like how you kept a diary of the holidays.
    That presentation shows that you had a great
    time in the holidays.
    Well done.

  4. Great Ellis!
    It really sounds like you had fun in the holidays.
    What did you enjoy most with you're family?
    I like how you have put it in chapter like it was you're adventure book except it is a presentation.
    Well done, Keep up the good work:)

  5. Awesome Ellis.
    keep it up!!!!


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