Friday, 10 May 2013

Rock Climbing reflection

Reflection for
· Something I was pleased with was Being able to get use too rock climbing.                           
…because I really have fun and working as a team.
· I really enjoyed learning Having turns climbing and sharing.
…because We were working together as a great team and nothing got in our way.
· Something I found hard was Learning how to do the pull thing because when we practiced our rock climbing the rope was really confusing.
· Something that made me think was should I give up or keep going.                …because If I give up then it's just a waste of time for me to climb. And if I kept going then I would be able to reach the top. So this is disappointing but I had to give up.
· Something I want to get better at is Trying to get to the top of the wall and to never give  up.
         (What can I do about it?)

What I should do about it is to keep practicing and to never give up and to climb on something high.

1 comment:

  1. What an awesome Prezi Ellis!
    I like how you have said you were like spider boy.
    Well done:)


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