Thursday, 28 March 2013

Ordinary and Extraordinary

It was another ordinary day in my ordinary bed and wake up on the ordinary time.
I get dressed in my ordinary uniform and wash my face with an ordinary face cloth.The cousins come on the ordinary time and do the same ordinary stuff as always.I eat my ordinary cereal in our ordinary kitchen and give my ordinary mum kiss goodbye on the ordinary cheek and off to school on the ordinary foot path.

I pass the ordinary neighborhood pass the ordinary dirty house next to the ordinary boys house.I cross the ordinary road down the ordinary street and wait by the ordinary school patrols.We wait for the ordinary minutes.They say the ordinary words on after the ordinary minutes and walk past the ordinary girl who does patrols on the ordinary day.

I go to my ordinary school down the ordinary street passing the ordinary classrooms.I go into my ordinary class and put my bag on my ordinary hook.I take my ordinary laptop out of my ordinary bag and set it on my ordinary table next to my ordinary lb.I do my ordinary stuff before the ordinary bell goes off in the ordinary time.The bell rang on the ordinary time and the ordinary classmates appeared with the ordinary attitude.

We wait for our ordinary teacher.We go on our ordinary blog on our ordinary laptop and do our ordinary blog comments.I do the ordinary comments all the time and put the ordinary sentence on the blog.While we do that our ordinary teacher calls out the role with the ordinary names in.We say the ordinary words that we say back.

But someone in the role was extraordinary.Samuel our ordinary teacher said.Wow this is an extraordinary day.10:00 our ordinary time for brain food.10:10 the ordinary time for writing.The subject is called ordinary.While we were learning that on our ordinary day I can visualise things we are going to do with Samuel this year.I could imagine all things we could do.Play a few fitness games and soon as we get use to Sam we will have a ordinary day with Sam.
The bell rang on the ordinary time and we left and walked back our ordinary ways.It is the time for bed on my ordinary time.I went back to my ordinary bed and had the same ordinary dream as always and probably tomorrow it will be another ordinary day with Samuel.


  1. I like your ending. Tomorrow it will be another ordinary day with Samuel.

  2. You have lots of ordinary.


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