Friday, 22 March 2013

Justice 16

Once their was a school with 15 classrooms. But there was a secret classroom under the ground under the cricket cage. In that classroom had a  group full of superheroes. They called themselves Justice 16. Just like Justice League.The reason why they called it that is because they were superheroes and they are in room 16.

There were a lot of kids. 29 kids in room 16. The class is underground because that's where they get trained to destroy forces of evil.

Some kids like to shoot lasers through their eyes to other peoples butt. Others wanted to take the electricity away like Emma. And some just like to be crazy.

But a 10 yr old by the name of Ellis wasn't like any superhero. He was a  wizard. His ancestors were in a  wizard army and whenever they die the powers get handed down by generation.The generation that goes down still has their powers. But you get more soon as they give their old power with their new power. So Ellis was the last.

He was the 1st powerful person in room 16. With his friends Dylan,Elijah,And Breaded were exactly like him but their powers can't end Ellis’s. Dylan was Captain America jr and Elijah was Elijah man Jr. J16 were all Jr by our ancestors by their parents.

Late at night they like flying across the streets supporting our family. J16 like to make houses look better,making peoples plants grow,and healing sick people. Every time an mortal sees J16 they have to get Ben to transforms us into mortal cloths and different faces.

Next day,Dylan,Elijah,And Ellis flew to school to meet everyone for an class meeting. J16 were doing an CAT test. They all get an A  plus because they all cheat with their powers.They all get an good grade because the teacher doesn't know J16 cheat.All he does is transform into different cloths.

J16 had fighting practice at 10:30. Before their enemies died they got Zachary to duplicate them. Ellis turned them into an calm anger version and we started. 321 “BOOM” J16 powers went vs the enemies but they were J16 evil twins room 8. But they are dead now.

5 Months later. J16 were all sitting in Dylan's lounge at his house.A few seconds later J16 saw a bright white little fly or an Miskito flying across the room and they started walking up to it.Soon as Dylan touched it the insect exploded.

They all flew out of the house outside at the backyard by the garage.It was there opposites. They weren't dead after all. They said to them At you're school disco we will get. Few days later on the disco night. The kids were at the disco at the same time. J16 had to keep an eye on everyone that was at the disco. Time came past and the principal let the kids stay longer. The DJ was still in the school gym

.J16 notice something about the DJ. They took a closer look with their eye vision. They saw Ellis’s evil twin so they must of knew their opposites were there. They crashed through the school gym wall. They all faced their own twin.

Face to face zoom they go. They start fighting and Ellis locks the doors and whenever they damage the walls it goes back together. The kids were out and so they took cover. And they all appear from the behind their protection and used the hardest power they ever could.

BOOM!!!!!!!!!!! They killed the opposites and they died forever. Whenever they try to use their special power and they think their power is gone the power will grow back inside your body from your ancestor.

But they all saw Ellis’s opposite running down the halls down the lockers and in the middle of the lockers where the end of the lockers are and where they meet.

J16 hopped back on their feet run out of the gym searching for E.O.

They search and search for him and the all see him and run up to him. They all saw him and ran up to him.

They stare at him and they wait for him to make a move. He made a move and they use their best power in their body. They try and try and when he was week they went up closer. He was to week he stopped and the kids killed him .Boom!!!!!!!!!!.it finished with an great loud boom.

It's over they won. And so they had nothing to worry about. 2 months later.Things were back to where they were. THE END.`


  1. What an awesome imagination you have, Ellis!

    I enjoyed reading about Justice16. I wonder what adventures they will get up to next :)

  2. That is amazing work Elllis! Long story and exiting. Keep it up!

    1. Yes, Zach.

      I wonder if there will be a part two, Ellis.


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