Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My Netbook Agreement

The first time I signed in my agreement form I was really nervous because I never had a laptop before and I never knew how to use one and when my teacher and the kids who use to be in the digital class last year taught me how to use a computer now.they now taught me how to blog,put up a email account for me and taught me how to blog. So I will promise my teacher and my mum that I will take care and look after everyday.I will charge it every night and day, I will respect my laptop and I will look after my equipment that are on my laptop.


  1. Great start, Ellis!

    I like how you put it into your own words.

  2. WOW! Ellis looks like you are going to be good on your laptop this year:)

  3. You are right bro when I got my agreement I felt shy too.

  4. Well good work bro.


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